I’On House

Single Family Residence

The project is a 2200 square foot residence with three bedrooms and two car garage.

The site is located in the neighborhood of I’On, in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.  I’On is a New Urbanist neighborhood with architectural guidelines mandating neotraditional architecture.

As is typical throughout the neighborhood, the project’s lot is situated within a dense urban grid.  While the lot is very narrow, this particular site has an open park area to the west and a large lake to the northwest.

The area of Mount Pleasant where I’On is located was primarily rural for many generations.  Most structures were small, simple buildings of minimal ornamentation.

Working within the strict architectural guidelines of the neighborhood, the exterior aesthetic of the house is a reinterpretation of the local vernacular architecture once native to the area.   Simple proportions and unadorned detailing are employed to create a timeless design that recalls the historic architecture without overly imitative or nostalgic devices.

The layout of the house’s modest floorplan is primarily driven by the site, as the porches and primary rooms are oriented toward the views of the adjacent lake and park.

Despite its small size relative to adjacent houses, the house’s design provides a distinctive architectural presence within the neighborhood, especially as seen through views from the pedestrian park and around the lake. 


  • Location: Mount Pleasant, SC
  • Category: Residential
  • Size: 2200 SF

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