Huger St. Affordable Housing

Affordable Apartments

The site will provide 86 affordable housing units in the rapidly-growing upper peninsula area of downtown Charleston, SC.

Rather than the typical double-loaded internal corridor used in most apartment buildings, this design pulls the building apart, creating a large open air atrium that serves both as circulation and as garden/gathering space. An entry park begins at the street frontage and rises to extend through the building, ideally creating an inspirational environment for the residents to experience daily.

Aesthetically the design takes cues from the area’s historically industrial uses, and its form seeks to serve as a counter-response to the influx of large, box-like apartment buildings recently built in the area.

The program includes a mix of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units, as well as a Community Room to be used by the public.


  • Location: Downtown Charleston, SC
  • Category: Multifamily
  • Size: 92,000 SF; 86 apartments

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