Audubon Silver Bluff Center and Sanctuary

Master Plan and Educational Pavilion

Audubon’s Silver Bluff Sanctuary is a 3,400-acre woodland overlooking the Savannah River in midwestern South Carolina. Audubon South Carolina asked Bello Garris to survey existing facilities and develop a Master Plan for the campus, as well as design a new Educational Pavilion.

Developed after meetings with key staff members and community stakeholders, the Master Plan is intended to help guide improvements to Silver Bluff by offering a vision for the future of its facilities. The Plan will be used to communicate the vision and long term goals for the development of Silver Bluff to a broad audience, and to help secure funding and other resources for facilities improvement.

The Master Plan identified a new indoor/outdoor Educational Pavilion to provide additional instructional space for the groups that visit the site. The new Pavilion will serve as an educational tool in sustainable construction and bird-friendly timber harvesting.


  • Location: Silver Bluff, SC
  • Category: Civic + Institutional | Urban Design
  • Size: N/A

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